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Dressage Show I Ride Times for Saturday, June 2, 2012

Posted by Andrew on May 31, 2012

DRESSAGE SHOW 2012   Saturday, June 2nd
RIDE TIMES    RING 1 and Ring 2

Competitors Please Note:
Bedding is no longer provided.  All stalls must be bedded.  You may bring your own shavings or they are available for purchase for $6.00/bag.  You may inquire at the show office when you pick up your packets.
Warm up will be on grass.  There will be only one bit check/paddock person, make sure you check in with them before your ride.
Readers are permitted for all tests

RING ONE  (next to announcers stand, white fencing)

8:55 Tina Gross Stanley Intro A
9:00  Vita Taormina I'm Your Huckleberry Intro A
9:05  Debb McCaughtry Monsieur Bourreau Intro A
9:10  Judy Yaegle Mr. Informed Intro A
9:15  Veronica Sambor Stella Intro A
9:20  Hannah VanDamia Twilight Intro A
9:25  Brennan Dougherty Prince Intro A
9:30  Deborah Young Charmer Intro A
9:35  Jillian Flynn Squaws Chico Leo Intro A
9:40  Kathi Agens Oliver Woodman Intro A
9:45  Jane Cooney Riley Intro A
9:50  Rhonda Gallagher Dew Little Streakin Intro A
9:55  Judy Cook Elegance Intro A
10:00  Mike Van Damia Hunter Intro A
10:05  Becky Lazarz Izzo Intro A
10:10  Becky Lazarz Izzo Intro B
10:15  Debb McCaughtry Monsieur Bourreau Intro B
10:20  Anna Gosnell Talisman Intro B
10:25  Jane Cooney Riley Intro B
10:30  Judy Cook Elegance Intro B
10:35  Rhonda Gallagher Dew little Streakin Intro B
10:40  Liz Sambor Hanz Intro B
10:45  Mike VanDamia Hunter Intro B
10:50  Bonnie Staszak French Vanilla Sky Intro B
10:55  Kathi Agens Oliver Woodman Intro B
11:00  Brennan Dougherty Prince Intro B
11:05  Deborah Young Charmer Intro B
11:10  Hannah VanDamia Twilight Intro B
11:15  Judy Yaegle Mr. Informed Intro B
11:20  Jillian Flynn Squaws Chico Leo Intro B
11:25  Debb McCaughtry Say So Intro B
11:30  Judy Yaegle Mr. Informed Intro C
11:35  Bonnie Staszak French Vanilla Sky Intro C
11:40  Mike VanDamia Hunter Intro C
11:45  Linda Grose His Majesty's Adagio Intro C
11:50  Danielle Wingerter Joseph Stanley Intro C
11:55  Holly Sandberg Dakota Intro C
12:00  Ashton Yarosh Hot Java Intro C
12:05  Michelle Fields Paces At dawn Intro C
12:10  Vita Taormina I'm Your Huckleberry Intro C
12:15  Michelle Sult Major Achievement Intro C
12:20  Anna Gosnell Talisman Intro C
  12:30-1:15 LUNCH 
1:15  Judy Yaegle  Liam Training 3
1:21  Cindy Price High Hopes Training 3
1:27  Blayne Bergenstock Twisted Tango Training 3
1:33  Ashley Crandell Kealona Kyla Training 3
1:39  Tina Swope Fireball Training 3
1:45  Anna Gosnell Old Bocephus Songs Training 3
1:50  Hayley Bolding Fernhill On High Training 3  
2:15  Rachel Carracci Miss Manatee First Level 1
2:22  Ann Pompeani The Limerick First Level 3
2:29  Judy Yaegle  Liam First Level 1
2:36  Rachel Carracci Miss Manatee First Level 3
2:43  Mary Kingston Not Dun Dreamin First Level 1
2:50  Debb McCaughtry Lady Victoria First Level 3
2:57  Rachel Davis Northbound Charlie First Level 2
3:04  Hayley Bolding Fernhill On High First Level 1
3:11  Debb McCaughtry Lady Victoria Second Level 1
3:19  Melissa Davis Inman Second Level 3
3:28  Rachel Davis  In Stride Third Level 1
3:37  Debb McCaughtry Rugby Second Level 3
3:46  Debb McCaughtry Rugby Third Level 1
RING TWO   (far ring, on sand pad)
Judge: Kathleen Cronk
9:00  Martha Stevens Cree Training 1
9:06  Linda Grose His Majesty's Adagio Training 1
9:12  Jennifer Bozza All About Andy Training 1
9:18  David Gallaher Mystic Wolf Training 1
9:24  Ashley Crandell Kealona Kyla Training 1
9:30  Tina Brown Princess Gothic Training 1
9:36  Tina Swope Fireball Training 1
9:42  Anna Gosnell Old Bocephus Songs Training 1
9:54  June Arneman Lightning's Proud Secret NWHA "A"
10:00  June Arneman Lightning's Proud Secret NWHA "B"
10:06  Anna Gosnell Old Bocephus Songs Novice B
10:12  Judy Yaegle Liam Novice B
10:18  Mary Kingston  Not Dun Dreamin Novice B
10:24  Rayna Allanigue Jazz Man Coltrane Beginner Novice A
10:30  Rayna Allanigue Jazz Man Coltrane Beginner Novice A
10:36  Blayne Bergenstock Twisted Tango Beginner Novice A
10:42  Michelle Fields Paces At Dawn Beginner Novice A
10:48  Martha Stevens Cree Beginner Novice A
10:54  Vita Taormina Pirate Jack Beginner Novice A
11:00  Debb McCaughtry Say So Beginner Novice A
11:20  Vita Taormina Pirate Jack Training 2
11:26  Anna Gosnell Old Bocephus Songs Training 2
11:32  Michelle Sult Swing with the Stars Training 2
11:38  David Gallaher Mystic Wolf Training 2
11:44  Ashley Crandell Kealona Kyla Training 2
11:50  Tina Brown Princess Gothic Training 2
11:56  Tina Swope Fireball Training 2
12:02  Martha Stevens Cree Training 2
12:08  Cindy Price High Hopes Training 2