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Combined Test Schedule - 2012

Posted by Andrew on June 1, 2012

Welcome competitors!  Please be sure to read the NOTES for very important information regarding the show and the rules.  Our judges today are Kristin Stein for Dressage and Gene Strohmeyer for Stadium.

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- Stabling:  bedding is NO longer provided for shows.  All stalls must be bedded.  Shavings available for $6 per bag.  Inquire at the show office.

- Warm up for dressage is the field near the dressage arena also near the bit check area.

- Remember to have your bit and whip length checked prior to your dressage test.

- Dressage test readers are permitted.

- Stadium warm up is beyond the stadium course in the large field.

-Courses are TIMED (Intro timed only for tie breaker).  Stadium time allowed and time limits will be posted at the in gate prior to the course walk.

- Stadium start times are approximate.  Course changes will be made between divisions allowing 20 minutes to walk your course prior to start time.  You do not have to go in numerical order.  When you are warmed up, go to the stadium ring and check in with the paddock master.  If you have multiple rides and need to ride stadium out of your division, it is permitted as long as it is the same stadium course.

- Those riding an extra jumping round, please inform the Jumping Paddock person and remove your number before entering the course so as not to confuse the scorer.

Best of luck to all and thank you for your continued support of the Erie Hunt & Saddle Club. 

                -  The Strohmeyers    


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