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July 21 - 2013 Combined Test Change Update July 15, 2013

Posted by Andrew on July 15, 2013

Due to the amount of rain and the conditions of the grounds, the Mini Trial scheduled for Sunday, July 21, 2013, has been changed to a Combined Test.  The entry fee is $35 and all divisions will remain the same except that a Novice Division has been added. 

You may ride in up to two divisions per horse and two horses per rider.

Extra jumping rounds will be available at the Combined Test for $10 per round.  Your first round at your Division height will count towards your Combined Test score.  You may do a schooling round at any height, lower as warm up or higher for the experience.  You can pay the day of the show and we will let the Stadium know.   Any questions, please email Sue Strohmeyer at judgesued@aol.com.

The dressage test for the Novice Division will be USEA Eventing Novice Test B.

For those who have already sent your entry, you will be entered in the division you signed up for and will receive a refund less $35.  The Erie Hunt and Saddle Club regrets having to cancel the cross country, but we cannot jeopardize the horses, competitors or the grounds.  If you have questions, please contact Sue Strohmeyer at:

 judgesued@aol.com or phone 814-450-6618.