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Painted Pony Party 2 - Sold out

Posted by Andrew on March 8, 2017

Update March 10, 2017: The Painted Pony Party coming up Tuesday, April 18 has sold out. But stay tuned, we may consider a third! Thank you for joining members of the Erie Hunt and Saddle Club in another fun event.


Back by popular demand, we are having another Painted Ponies Party for 35 people (with preference given to those who had to be cut from February’s program).

Tuesday, April 18, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at Cheddar’s, 2085 Interchange Rd, Erie, PA 16509.

Call and take the reins to reserve your spot ASAP by contacting Vicki Andrews, owner (814) 882-9125.

Paint, canvas, brushes, and instruction are all included for only $25 per painter.

Send a photo of your own horse to Colleen via text (330) 350-0193 and she will create a one-of-a-kind, black-and-white, paint-by-numbers-style canvas for you to stomp your unique hoof print on.

(If you don't have a favorite picture of your own equine champion, you may "go the distance" by taking our lead in dreaming up hues of sumptuous teals and golds for the painting below.)

Photos due by April 3.

Call Erie Hunt & Saddle Club board member Vicki Andrews for additional information at 882-9125.