Please go to the Documents page for information on specific horse shows, entry forms, class lists, etc or click here to download the full 2012 EHSC Showbook! For USEA recognized Horse Trials please go to the Horse Trials Page


EHSC 2012 Schedule
(subject to change)


  • 3rd EHSC Board Meeting


  • 7th EHSC Board Meeting


  • 6th EHSC Board Meeting


  • 3rd EHSC Board Meeting


  • 1st EHSC Board Meeting
  • 6th EHSC Opening Day
  • 12th EHSC Opening Work Day
  • 15th EHSC Members Meeting
  • 19th Ring I – EHSC Fun Show
  •         Ring 2 – EHSC Jumper Show
  • 20th EHSC Summer Show I


  • 2nd EHSC Dressage Show I (click for Ride Times)
  • 3rd EHSC Combined Test & Individual (click for Schedule)
  • Dressage/Stadium
  • 5th EHSC Board Meeting
  • 10th EHSC Summer Show II
  • 12th LHPC HT Work Day
  • 16th-17th LHPC Horse Trials
  • 27th LHPC Camp Begins


  • 1st LHPC Camp Ends
  • 3rd EHSC Board Meeting
  • 7th Horse Sports in Erie Hunter Show
  • 8th EHSC Hunter Show
  • 15th EHSC Summer Show III
  • 21st EHSC Dressage Show II
  • 22nd EHSC Mini Trials


  • 7th EHSC Board Meeting
  • 11th Ring 1 – EHSC Fun Show
  •        Ring 2 – EHSC Jumper Show
  • 12th EHSC Summer Show IV
  • 14th EHSC HT Work Day
  • 18th-19th EHSC Horse Trials
  • 26th EHSC Hunter Pace I & Mini PACE


  • 4th EHSC Board Meeting
  • 9th Hunter Pace II
  • 16th Hunter Pace III
  • 18th EHSC Elections Meeting - 7:00pm at Clubhouse
  • 23rd Hunter Pace Rain Date


  • 2nd EHSC Board Meeting
  • 6th LHPC Combined Test
  • 7th EHSC Jumping Derby
  • 14th EHSC Closing Day


  • 6th EHSC Board Meeting
  • 10th EHSC Year End Banquet


  • 4th EHSC Board Meeting